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This is IP

This is IP

Progressive and integrated, Intellectual Property is a disruptor with agility that possesses deep knowledge of property and real estate markets.

Intellectual Property is a sophisticated property development and Real Estate engineer, that delivers solutions and superior outcomes for all the projects it participates in, to maximise risk adjusted returns.

Using proprietary technology with a focus on people and customers, Intellectual Property is a multidisciplinary start up that transforms and extracts value from traditional development and real estate models.

With powerful multi-faceted capability, analytics and deep data, Intellectual Property identifies compelling risk-reward opportunities and creates new markets.

Intellectual Property undertakes direct market operations and also partners with large sophisticated capital, real estate and development firms to extract value from projects and deliver superior risk adjusted returns.

Our Manifesto

The world is changing,
Populations are evolving,
Real Estate is transforming.

It will always be about bricks and mortar,
But it’s also about information,
And time.
But ultimately Its about people.

To survive and succeed we need to have agility,
Agility is all we have in a fast moving world,
Our agility transports us to the next step,
To grow, to do things differently, to move forward in life.

To succeed in what we do we must discover and commit to a journey that aligns with our values.

We must achieve clarity of mind to put things in perspective.

Our values are derived from who we are, they drive where we want to go and where we want to live.

Property embodies our values.
To be who we want to be.

Through property we create choice, lifestyle, happiness and freedom.

Through property we grow, follow our dreams and create wealth.

Find your place,
Live your life,
Secure your future.

Spend more time with the people you love

Our Values

Intellectual Property is a values-driven organisation.
Intellectual Property's core values are at the forefront of everything it does and fundamental to its success.
Intellectual Property's core and fundamental values are:


  • Vision
  • Agility
  • Risk & Reward
  • Challenge the truth

Pride of product

  • Quality
  • Detail
  • Service
  • Experience

People First

  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Growth
  • Integrity

Our Team

Intellectual Property Group is led by a team with unique and broad experience across property.
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Intellectual Property has powerful capability across the full spectrum of the property lifecycle and value chain, including but not limited to:

  • Deal Origination
  • Development Management
  • Acquisitions & Disposals
  • Real Estate Operations
  • Sales & Leasing
  • Marketing
  • Transactions
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P: 02 6101 7879

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